About us

Our Mission

We aim to provide an online environment to motivate and engage students into launching their startups whilst they are studying towards their academic, vocational or professional degrees. 

In tandem with the knowledge, skills and theories inculcated to students in their field of study, it would be a necessity to exploit such valuable academic assets to crystalize an innovative startup.  Students should take advantage of  the luxury of being surrounded by all the resources and experts to learn and shape their ideas whilst they are studying. In contrast, when leaving the university to face  the pressure of finding a job or keeping up with your daily work, it would be highly difficult and challenging to devote time and effort to launch a startup. 

We thrive to inspire students to get all the necessary information about creating a startup in addition to discussing various business ideas related to their area of study. We aim to search for,  explore and review successful startups created by talented and ambitious students from around the world to widen the horizon of young entrepreneurs.

The  story of Startup.Review

The project started in 2020 after reviewing most of the curriculum offered by academic institutions. We have started the course of “Creating a startup for Computer Science” for 3rd year students whilst we envision that students need to be taught seriously all the aspects to concretize their knowledge, inspiration and talents into a true company.